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I am a qualified industrial engineer with more than 24 years of experience building teams and businesses that thrive.

My experience includes:

  • 7 years project management in London’s financial district
  • 15 years running a successful non-profit
  • 11 years heading up a software consultancy

If I’m not helping organisations and businesses, then you can find me swimming in the ocean – no matter the weather!


There are two of us in the Luceo team:

  • One has enough business experience for the both of us, while the other brings youth and a sassy love of technology!
  • One finished school before Google was a thing and the other is a millennial that uses Google for just about everything.

By now you probably know who’s who, but just in case you don’t:
I hold a B.Sc degree in Occupational Therapy, so aside from enhancing Sam’s ideas, I am passionate about adult learning, team dynamics, marketing, and communication.

P.S. Needing a quick response? Rather email me 😉

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